The AA Team is a team created by link4562 as a club-type-thread in the City of Villains forums (now archived) when MCCP was down. Users who used Gamerboy's program to access MCCP while it was down, and before Dracophile announced the program against the rules, were automatically joined to it. The AA Team stands for "The Association of Awesomeness". The thread is now deleted by request.

They do not make their current operations publicly known.

Past EffortsEdit

Operation DLPEdit

The only execption to the oath of secrecy, being the only operation leaked to the public, partially on purpose. The operation started when film producers announced the making of the film "The A-Team". The AA Team responded quickly with a plan to combat the issue by taking control of MCCP, which would show which "team" is the dominant one. The plan was to steal Dracophile's power. The source of his power was determined to be coming from his leather pants. The AA Team devised a plan to steal Dracophile's Leather Pants, hence the name Operation DLP. Operation DLP is still going and is currently a succsess. Maitias' has claimed DLP and they are tightly clenched around his buttocks.

Known membersEdit


  • "When MCCP is down, The AA Team comes around."
  • "You heard of the A Team? Well we're the AA Team."


  • Meetings were held in the official AA Team XAT chat, also reffered to as AA Meetings.
  • They had over 17 rules.
  • Attacks on certain businesses in order to take them over were called AA Batteries.
  • The AA Team had competition with the Empire of Awesomesauce, but appearently no one remembers Æ.