The Ban List is a now defunct piece of functionality on MCCP.


Despite Dracophile's requests, forumers tended to create threads whenever their friends were perma-banned asking why. It was eventually suggested in Forum/Website Support & Ideas that a ban list be created so forumers could easily see why another user had been banned. This idea was implemented not too long afterwards.

The ban list took all users in the banned user group and put them in a table listed from the most recent ban going back in time to the oldest bans. This table listed users names, when they were banned, the length of thier ban and the reason they were banned as written by the moderator who banned them. Many of the reasons listed for a forumer's banning were tongue-in-cheek.

This functionality, though popular, lasted only a few months. It's reason for closure being that some spambots listed had links to malicious sites in their profiles; it was also stated moderators didn't like sharing their reasons for bans. There are currently no plans for the revival of the ban list at this time.

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