The Club Penguin Ban was a special form of ban coded by Dracophile for The Old Forums.


Spamming and bad posting habits became a problem that greatly bothered the Miniclip community and helped fuel tensions between the two communities prior to the move to The New Forums. To combat this Dracophile (then known as RFS) devised a way to keep the particularly annoying Club Penguin users in the Club Penguin forum while the other "more civil" ones were allowed to post elsewhere, such as in the General Chat and Off Topic forums on Miniclip. Users who were given the "Club Penguin Ban" became locked into the Club Penguin game discussion forum and could not post anywhere else, otherwise they would see a "NO PERMISSION" message, or wouldn't see other forums at all.

At the peak of its usage over 100 forumers were given the special "ban", QAZARPENGUIN among them. The special ban group was still in action as late as 2009, however since it had long since served its purpose it was deleted and everybody previously issued the ban was granted access to the rest of the Miniclip forums.