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Several users, at some time another, for various reasons, have created a Fake Account.


The phenomena of forum users creating secondary fake accounts, or double accounts, is certainly not new, the first confirmed occurrence dating back to the pre-web internet. Though, where exactly the phenomena first occurred on MCCP is uncertain. Partially because there could be fake accounts that have not yet been revealed for what they are.


How alternate fake accounts became popularized on MCCP isn't clear either. Though the success of fake accounts like Admin X and RFS test account V3.0 certainly helped.


List of notable fake accounts by userEdit


Vital ViperEdit

  • Party Patrol



  • Aeris (both accounts)
  • #iamthegummybear
  • He was not ALTON BROWN, try again.

Garden Nome NinjaEdit



  • Spyro


  • Several alleged fake accounts.

Less notable fake accountsEdit

  • Younglink4562: Blingstr
  • Ploshy: Bloopinator™/Flyn Pnut
  • Regis Philbin: ????
  • Poisenwoman101: Projectmatt
  • Multiple other Poisenman accounts for April Fools


  • Maitias' banned account 'Spyro' states the account was banned for being "an alt account of Maithias"

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