A nickname for the infamous disappearances of MCCP. It could refer to either January 6th, January 20th, or March 3rd, 2010.


On each of these dates, MCCP was down for unusually long amounts of time. Also, each time, Dracophile had appeared to have hijacked the thread explaining the problem.

January 6th Edit


A parody of the 2012 movie poster created by Dracophile.

The first occurrence, at some time around 8 PM GMT "" started to redirect to Miniclip's own forums. This led several users to believe the forum had been hacked or Miniclip corporate had given the forum the axe. For many forumers panic ensued. Animator06 soon afterwards started a thread entitled "MCCP MISSING" on the Miniclip forums and people began to debate over the reasons for MCCP's vanishing act. Angry Dracophile complained in the thread about Miniclip's poor treatment of the community, starting the "WHERE.ARE.MY.FORUMS??" meme. After much tense debate later, a hacking job was ruled out and it was determined that the cause of the redirect was a DNS error..

January 20thEdit

The second time it was down, it was down for a very unusual amount of time, lasting at least 3 days. Instead of redirecting to the Miniclip Forums, it wouldn't direct at all. It too was brought to attention on the Miniclip Forums, and was ruled that the location of the forums in the config file was misplaced. Gamerboy created a program which allowed users to see and access the forums by first running it and leaving it on, then going to a certain web address by changing the packet flow. Dracophile eventually posted that anyone found using the program after a certain time would recieve a ban once the forums were back up, as it could be unsecure and accounts could be compromised. During this time, the AA Team was created in the Villains JFF forum, which was deleted by request once the forums were back up.

March 3rdEdit

The most recent, third time, the forums were first shown with a "Database Error" [which had surprised many users] redirected to the Miniclip Forums again, except with the difference that this one lasted around 9 days. Some users were becoming angered by the random influx of server problems at this point. Once again, the thread was hijacked by Draco, although it appeared to be only the title. There had been multiple theories as to the reason, including a maintenance error, and the DNS redirecting again. There is still no clear reason as to the Database Error. This has also been the longest. This downtime sparked the catchphrase "Nine Days".

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