I Ate A Fish was a former Trainee Moderator who retired at his own will. He was promoted at the creation of the MCCP forums after their break from their subforum on the regular Miniclip forums. During his time on Club Penguin, I Ate A Fish gradually gained respect as he progressed to become one of the "Famous Penguins." While he was not a beta tester, his actions made hm an invaluable member of the community.

I Ate A Fish is best known for his Bribble Chat, the first chat of its kind. Bribble Chat Port 27656 was famous for its activity and fun. Most moderators of the Bribble Chat went on to become MCCP moderators or moderators of other chats such as The Important Snakes. Sadly, Bribble ended its free services and the Port 27656 was closed. It still reigns as the most popular chat to ever cross the face of Club Penguin.

CP Name: I Ate A Fish MCCP Username: I Ate A Fish

Overall, I Ate A Fish was a valued member of the MCCP community, and his company is very much missed.