Ice (real name Dwight) is a member who joined as of January 2008.



In January 2008, a young 11-year-old kid decided to follow the link from the old Club Penguin website, and found the website Club Penguin Forums. Then, the website was bustling with activity and new members joining; the place was alive. He read the rules and although he was underage, he thought he could hide himself behind a fake facade. And it even worked, for a time. Until he could hold it in no longer. In November 2008, he confessed to being underage, and was banned.

A few months later (March), it was his 13th birthday. He'd forgotten about the forums, but looked at it once and rejoined, under a different name. He was allowed back after explaining to Dracophile, and begun living a great life on his new home, MCCP. This young man had many names in this time, including dragonfire93 and IceDragon96. His last change, however, brought about a discovery: that Ice had had 9 different alternate accounnt. He confessed to accidentally making other accounts when he created his first one. His family understood, and fixed the problem.

Then, the fateful day came when he discovered the link to the Forums, of which MCCP were spawned.He began a newish life there, and left MCCP largly alone, only visiting sometimes to say hi.

But he hasn't forgotten his friends, and neither the forum family from which he was brought up to what he is today; a versatile forumer,ready for a challenge.

I am Ice, and that was my story.