Limited Functionality Mode is a name given to a special mode of operation that MCCP can run during a time of crisis or raid. It is named as such because, like the name implies, the forums run with certain functionality disabled or restricted to prevent the damage done by potential attackers.


Limited Functionality Mode was created and put together by Dracophile in June 2009 when there were rumors of an iamthewalrus raid on the forums. It was designed to prevent the posting of most media to the forums and to increase the time delay between posts and search to prevent both spam as well as direct server attacks by abusing the search function. LFM has been enacted only for about two days(during the time the raid was announced to take place) and has not been reactivated since then.


During Limited Functionality Mode users:

  • Cannot upload or change their avatar or signature.
  • Cannot post images or URLs.
  • Must wait a full minute between posts.
  • Must wait up to five minutes between search queries.