Lost Cause is a user which is supposedly 'from the future'. He is thought to be one of Dracophile's (then known as RFS) pranks. As of yet he has created only one thread 'What do you think the future will be like?'. In that thread the user "Mr Booshkah" was the first user to post that Lost Cause's join date was 'from the future'(July 2010). Dracophile then cryptically replied 'Time Traveller spotted', he later claimed ignorance about how Lost Cause could have a join date from the future.

Lost Cause's avatar


Though generally thought to be a staff prank Lost Cause's origin is yet unknown to the masses of MCCP.

He was all but forgotten until the recent Forum Days of Doom on Miniclip where MCCP moderator Roastmaster attempted to console a confused and noticeably agitated Dracophile by claiming "the forums have to be open until at least June 2010, otherwise how would that Lost Cause guy have joined?"

Dracophile's response was "not helping, Roastmaster".


  • Lost Cause's biography is 'I am from the future'.
  • RFS also stated that he messed with the forum's server time to make hşm look like he joined 2 years into the future.

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