Maitias is a banned user on the MCCP forums.


For comedic effect Maitias tends to act somewhat narcissistic and continually makes references to Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series. These are among his most well known traits.


  • He calls himself a furry, though the legitimacy of this is questionable.
  • He's a fan of the "Sex Offender Shuffle". For a while both he and user Link4562 has avatars based off of this video.
  • Another questionable claim he makes about himself is that he has a "thriving love life", which consists of "7 users on the MCCP forum, and one not on MCCP."
  • Known to be an avid Pastafatarian.

Exploits and Spamming

Maitias was permanently banned from the MCCP forums by attempting to abuse a forum exploit by creating staff accounts with blank Unicode characters in the name. The goal was to trick the forum software into thinking that the accounts were actual staff accounts and as a result be given moderator or administrator permissions. This did not work. Maitias was eventually found out and banned from the forum.