This seems to be a forced meme. The article needs some examples of usage and/or derivatives.

Nine Days is a meme that began shortly after the March 3rd, 2010 "Forum Day of Doom" where the MCCP forums were down for almost nine days due to a DNS server error, though the actual time was 8 days and 6 hours.


The phrase began as a key reference in the length of time it had taken the support staff to revive the forums, beginning first after a week (7 days) of downtime and simply adding one more day to the catchphrase until the forums revived. The "_____ days" reference became a frequent complaint of MCCP users because after the first few days it had become the longest downtime in the forum's history. After the forums were restored the phrase became locked at "9" and is now used as either a joke (ie: "How long have you gone without MCCP?" - "Nine days.") or as leverage in complaints about the downtime.