Orangedude95 image1
Vital statistics
Title Orangedude95
Gender Male
Race American
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Level Unknown
Status Trying To Be Famous
Location Club Penguin Island


Orangedude95, or Orange, was a player that started when CP was new. Orange had a penguin named Greeneyes101 and in 2007 switched to "Orangedude". Orangedude95 is trying to get an inportant role in CP Warfare by creating sucsessful-to-be armys.Orangedude95 now trys to be famous in many ways and he hopes he does!


Army maker, Famous-want-to-be, Good Player


Hard Puzzles


"Imagination Starts With Inspiration" "It looks citrusy...hmmmmm..." "Orange be the name!" "Keep way Orange!"


Challeging to a duel of Ultimate I Spy, Ultra Connect 4

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