This is about a short controversial event on MCCP


As a forum, MCCP attracts many users, with many religions. This has caused many arguments; on the 16th of May, Sir Gamealot asked what people believe the afterlife is. Soon, a religous debate began, but died out.

Not long afterwards, the user Newtown11 changed his display picture to a white box with text reading "There is no God. Get over yourself." There were various complaints, and Dracophile created a thread stating it was not neccesarily offensive. Many users posted for or against it, before Dracophile closed the thread stating that, "Religion (or a lack of religion)" is, "stupid". Some users changed their display pictures to mock Newtown, however nothing has come from these.

Maitias had created a thread on Pastafatarianism, a religion that worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This thread was soon moved to Jokes and Funny Stuff and then locked. Maitias is currently defending Pastafatarian and is using evidence on how it is a real religion. It was most likely that a moderator felt offended, but that would make no sense in this.