The three kings are three users with immunity to the iron claw of moderation. The three kings were users able to create fake accounts and spam accounts without getting banned or caught, using stealth, prestige, and proxy sites. The first one was an exception, getting caught multiple times, but being pardoned for being close friends with the then just administrator Dracophile. The first king is revealed to be Payton. Having created multiple alternative accounts, Payton was banned many times and unbanned many times. Ultimately, he was permabanned by a Club Penguin staff user for profanity. The second kind revealed himself after accidentally logging into a fake account without a proxy. He willingly posted a goodbye thread explaining the situation and that there was a third secret user. Poisonman101 edited his post, abusing his powers to alter the words of others to change Maitias' words "three secret users" to "three silly users." Maitias went on to explain how him and the third user created multiple fake accounts in attempts to troll Poisonman off of MCCP, as well as to spam the forums for no reason. He explained that the third user did not want to reveal themselves at the time. Eventually, it was admitted by Link4562 that he was that third user, thus admitting to being the Third King. Link4562 had created multiple fake pokerman accounts, fake poisonman accounts, and fake celebrity account (both Regis Philbin accounts, the second Ringo Starr account, and the Donald Trump account). He and Maitias planned on making unbannable accounts to mess with Poisonman101, and they came up with the idea of using the blank characters using alt codes, which had been used by users in the spam forum to create mysterious blank posts and threads. In total, 3-5 blank accounts were made. Their posts were removed, but their accounts were not able to be banned due to the fact that their profiles could not be reached, since their names were non-existant above their avatars. These accounts, though admitted by Maitias to be of his work, were actually entirely Link4562's work. After Dracophile was de-admin'ed, Link4562 found it appropriate to reveal to everyone what he had done now that MCCP was in a downward spiral.