Iwaddle was one of the more popular users on MCCP for some time before being involved in one of MCCP's biggest scandals.


Iwaddle joined Club Penguin on a yet unknown date in 2006 under the name Trainman1045, he was rather active on [http:// Club Penguin], and still is.

Popularity on MCCP: Before he was found to have hacked a moderator account Iwaddle was easily one of MCCP's most popular users, he made numerous contributions to the forum and was most famous for his many helpful posts.

Hacking a Mod AccountEdit

Iwaddle got the password to 7styl3's (he was still a mod at this point) account from "a well known Miniclip hacking group", a later explanation said it was an individual, and logged in for a few minutes and viewed the moderator forum. He soon admitted this publically in the Leaving & Returning thread. The resulting controversy created a rather large fallout, many forumers were stunned by the idea that he would ever do such a thing, Poisenman101 made a statement about his Iwaddle that got him much flak, and most notably the M.A.P's [http:// were cancelled] since he held the majority of the nominations.

This incident indirectly led to both 7styl3's de-modding and the Club Penguin Staff's leaving the forums. The Club Penguin Staff felt the sanctity of the staff forum had dissolved because of Iwaddle's viewing of it, part of this might be because Iwaddle specifically wished Club Penguin Staff member [http:// Hamustar] luck on her "project".

 After MCCPEdit

After having been banned from MCCP Iwaddle continued to post on the other Club Penguin forum community he had some presence in Club Penguin Planet for some time.

He later started the CP Memories blog, which has gained a fair amount of attention for a Club Penguin blog.

Other things which gained him infamyEdit

Iwaddle is also known to have hacked Club Penguin.

He participated in a raid on Club Penguin Planet, though it seems the community has mostly forgiven him for this.

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