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Twilight Foundry (formerly Twilight Foundry Robotics from 2003-2004 and Twilight Foundry Films from 2009-2011) is an independent media production group whose membership includes Dracophile. Twilight Foundry was founded in 2001 and operated until late 2004 as a loose organization of up to four writers and satirists of video game and Internet culture. The original group originally disbanded in 2004, but later reformed in 2008 with different people.

It was once seen as a "spiritual successor" to RFS Media Productions, Dracophile's old production group that disbanded in 2008, though in recent years it has branched out beyond video production. Initially, Twilight Foundry's video work was released through the Channel F Productions label, though when Channel F folded in 2008 the group switched names to "Twilight Foundry Films" and released their work independently.

Post-MCCP, Twilight Foundry developed a number of titles for TrackMill Games, a video game production studio. Twilight Foundry was also behind the 2012 "re-opening" of GatorAIDS as "GatorAIDS Gaming", though toward the beginning of 2013 they relinquished rights to the project and traded it to another company. (The full details of this hand-off are not fully known.)

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