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A request

Please stop making articles about individual users unless that user has done something that has made them especially notable in the community such that they will have a lasting impact on the forum, for better or for worse. A user may have over 1,000 posts, but they won't be remembered long after they've left, because they've done nothing to change the forum. No particularly memorable acts.

Note: This request excludes staff. Feel free to make articles for them, as long as you don't to any silly edits.

Once rules and regulations among other things are in place, these kinds of articles will be allowed again. Right now we've got a few of them and they're serving no good purpose other than as a means to poke fun at one another. They're just not really adding anything to the Wiki right now. Not that I oppose these articles entirely, just the kind of poor wiki behavior that seems to be coming from them.


Not sure if this is a mistake or not,

Your Vigilante Editor

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