This article is about Vitch the spammer/troller. He joined August 22nd and started off with a creepy thread called, "Hi Humans". Basically an intro. He seemed nice at the beginning even though poisenman said he had 2 earlier banned accounts, Sheik Yarbouti and Mccpisgay. His email is, and has an ip linked to ruining this wikia. Later on in the debate thread, Jed swore at vitch and vitch soon started to flame others back, such as anvar, and link. He also refers to jedii as a whitesnitch, and snitch. Last he posted a thread ranting that mccp was poopy, and about payton bice eating f***ing rice. He also admitted he was drake, sunami, zixty and dracophile. Could these prank accounts be a big joke from Draco?